Loyd Cryer, the first reference
Sketch of Loyd Cryer by M. Mrakota Orsman

Matt Orsman is an intuitive designer that always knows what I’m looking for. Not being ‘artistic’ myself, I sometimes find it difficult to explain exactly what I want. Matt always understands the project at hand with the most minute description. As an art designer he ‘gets it’. Additionally, I’ve worked with many others over the years and Matt is the most pleasant of all. The project is always about the client with Matt and never about his own artistic desires. He works hard and sees the project through to the end. He’s a valuable part of our operation and I honestly don’t think it could be done without the style, class and professionalism that he brings to each project.”


Loyd Cryer,
Founder and Director, Texas Frightmare Weekend 
Wes Smith
Portrait of Wes Smith by M Mrakota Orsman

Matt has been instrumental in the development of all Three Monkey Game products. He has a way of taking the vision in your head and producing it in a variety of mediums that surpasses any artist I have ever worked with. Thanks to Matt’s keen eye and skill we have made the HOMEVESTING™ game a reality. Matt is a hard-working creative soul that we couldn’t do without.

W. Wesley Smith
CEO,  Three Monkey Games 
Amber Steele
Portrait of Amber Steele by M Mrakota Orsman

As our designer, Matthew Orsman was clear with his process, succinct with his deadlines, and created a gorgeous, fun and snappy logo that everyone loves. He’s helpful with proofreading, patient with communication, and happy to invent suggestions and take the lead when decisions become overwhelming.  Matt went above and beyond in helping us get the professional, exciting look that we were hoping for.  We are all extremely pleased with what he created for us!

“Matt was positive, polite, helpful, and keeps everyone laughing and working together in high-stress situations.  Working with Matthew Orsman was a great pleasure, and I would be more than happy to do so again in the future!

Amber Steele M.F.A.
Professor – Dance & Physical Education
California Community College