M. Mrakota Orsman

Designer, Illustrator, & Devotee of Humorous Errata

Artist M. Mrakota “Matt” Orsman jokes that he was born with a pencil in his hand but only has over 35 years of experience as a professional illustrator and designer. A self-taught cartoonist with degrees in Liberal Arts and Graphic Communications/New Media, he’s developed techniques in digital art that have allowed him to expand his client base worldwide.  

In addition to illustration and caricature, Matt has an extensive background in graphic design, designing everything from retail signage to complete publication layouts in various styles.

Educational Background

After completing a degree in Graphic Communications: New Media from WATC (now known as WSU Tech), Matt was asked to join the teaching staff, taking over for a departing instructor. While there, he taught classes in Photoshop, Mac Operations, Advanced Media Production, and Desktop Video Production. He also paid back to the community by leading internet, elementary PC use, and stop-motion animation workshops. He has also worked with other artists in a mentorship capacity, encouraging young visual artists or working with like-minded peers in the theatrical and design communities.

A Solving of Solutions

Matt uses his experience in theater and visual arts to holistically analyze a situation and come up with an effective design solution. This ability allows him to distill the story of the project, providing his clients with terrific images that delight them.

Ok, I have to ask, are you actually reading this?  Did the above paragraph make sense? I mean really, I’m a visual artist, and when it comes right down to it, the web is a visual medium. Chances are, you just wanna know that I can do the work. So you ought to take a look at these projects I’ve worked on. They’ll be linked at the links on the right as I get them gathered.  

Pelaton that travels to different places
Either a sun or an ineffective cog
Marble columns class up the joint
the Bling Edition  

Capturing the Mirth

Matt spent time in the front seat of his car while waiting on his kids at an appointment. He looked into the psychology of personal space and boundaries just to realize that such things don’t really exist.  At least not in the concrete way that some people think.  Everyone had their own dance space, and some people take up a lot more space than others.  Matt takes up more than his share, in something I call “Mattspreading.”  But honestly every inch of his ever expanding hips has been in service of his craft.  The bigger he gets, the more practiced he is. Unless he gets around to losing the weight. then the opposite might just likely be true.

Sometimes, the final thing that a person says is the most important.  It’s where they get the saying “Saving the best for last.”  
I didn’t do that.  Unless you count this gallery of my work out in the wild below.

Client List
  • Eyewear Unique 
  • Upstart Filmworks
  • Canada Drug of Topeka
  • Viscera Film Festival
  • Tallgrass Film Festival
  • Wichita Summer Theater
  • Derby Community  Theatre
  • The Derby Daily Reporter
  • WSU Sunflower
  • Diggin’ Inn Pet Resort
  • One Spark

Mirth in the Wild