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“Not Earthquake. Mirthquake. Like shaking with laughter…”

Much like the name of Frankenstein has been often been confused as being the creature’s name, rather than the creator’s, Mirthquake is the name of Matt’s comic strip, and the name of his company Mirthquake Productions for over 20 years.  However, the name has become synonymous with Matt himself, as he used it as his online handle on online Bulletin boards and social media.

So yes, he answers to “Mirth” too.

But where’d he come up with that name?  It all started with a story his dad used to tell about a momentous round of golf…

What Is a Mrakota?

Then what the heck is a Mrakota (as he signs his artwork)?

Mrakota was the family name when Matt’s Grandfather and Great-Grandfather emigrated from the Bohemian section of Czechoslovakia. So, yes, he is truly Bohemian (by blood)!

His grandfather was adopted by the Orsmans here in the New World but was allowed to keep the family name which has been passed on through the generations, father to son, ever since.

According to Paul Goldschmidt’s Dictionary of Period Russian Names, Mrakota is a masculine name meaning “Dark”. However, a good friend of Matt’s who is employed as a Russian Translator says that the word is more accurately translated as “Murky” or “80% Chance of Thunderstorms.”

Either way you slice it, that’s how Matt signs his artwork.