With over 35 years of experience in illustration, with a focus on cartoon, caricature, and branding, Matt has an innate knack for boiling down a concept to its bare bones and making a project reach out to the broadest audience possible. Though he has a style entirely his own, he delivers what the project needs with skill and does not become heavy-handed with his approach. He provides what the art requires rather than letting the familiar paces of his style control the direction.

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Jewel Shepard

“Aside from Matt being a genius at all things computer he does a lot of other stuff like; graphic design, logos, posters… tons of stuff, using every program imaginable. Matt is probably one of the very few folks I know, who is absolutely HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY. Seriously, he is one of three folks I know to be a fantastic human being.”

Amanda Rebholz

“Mirthquake has done several drawings for me in the years since we’ve become acquaintances, and he shows a versatility of skills and technique. He has a quick turnaround time and is great at communicating and professionalism. I would hire him again for any graphic design or illustration needs I have.”

Anthony Middendorf

“I asked Matt to create a drawing of my two brothers – that had passed away – along with two items that were very important to them. When he showed me the finished drawing, I was blown away. He nailed their likenesses perfectly. Thanks, Matt, for the wonderful drawing!”