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Mecha VS Kaiju? It all started with ULTRAMAN!

ULTRAMAN (the show) was as big in Japan as the 1960′s BATMAN was over here, and soon became a world-wide phenomenon, spanning 22 television series and over 20 Movies between its inception and 2012. It’s kind of a big deal. Several Stories of a big deal when the Beta Capsule is activated.

Summer: Where there’s Smoke (-d meat) there’s Fire (-y peppers).

Well, summer is here with a vengeance, and there is nothing better than standing in…

Hey, what’s shakin’?

Seems like I’m always making this excuse… You know the story of the cobbler whowas so busy making shoes that his own children went barefoot? That is kind of my relationship with this blog. But I hope to get better about it… (famous last words.)

Pushed into the Deep End.

We were artists, video producers and web designers… This was the first time any of us studying “New Media” really saw our own careers at work. The media was disseminating information like never before, through any means necessary. Though we were appalled at the situation, we were amazed and appreciative of the technology we were studying. It was the beginning of a whole new age. New media got pushed into the deep end, and, for better or worse, really learned to swim.