NATALIES: Natal Anniversaries for August 4, 2012

NATALIES*! Today is August 4, 2012 The Day of the Guiding Light, Backgammon Day, Chocolate Chip Day, Hooray for Kids Day, Mustard Day, Quotations Day, Quotations Day, US. Coast Guard Day, Blueberry Festival Holiday (Pennsylvania), Celtic Tree Month of Tinne (last day), Colombian Constitution Day, Constitution Day (Cook Islands), Fairies’ Drying-Out Day,Huancavelica Anniversary Holiday (Peru), Munchkins of Oz Convention Holiday and Nicole Robin Day (Caribbean) and the feast of St. John Vianney.

THIS DAY IN GEEK HISTORY! You’ve seen one of these charts…
Venn Diagram, courtesy Reddit
It’s called a Venn Diagram, and the guy who created it, John Venn, was born on this day in 1834.

Today is the 62nd anniversary of the day Norma Desmond became ready for her close-up. Billy Wilder’s SUNSET BOULEVARD opened on this day in 1950.

Amy Kuyper Stockton, illustration by M Mrakota Orsman

Amy Kuyper Stockton, illustration by M Mrakota Orsman

Today’s featured Natalies are my nephew the drummer Rick Macy (playing a benefit concert to help the Joyland Restoration Project today!), and high school classmate and Des Moines teacher Amy Kuyper Stockton. If she’s as dedicated an instructor as she was a stage manager back in the day, her students are lucky indeed.

They share their birthday with Greta Gerwig of HOUSE OF THE DEVIL; Abigail Spencer of COWBOYS AND ALIENS; ANGEL’s singing “Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan”, Andy Hallett; Stefan Brogren of BITTEN; Michael DeLuise of WAYNE’S WORLD; Daniel Dae Kim, of ANGEL and LOST; writer Dennis Lehane; voice actress Lauren Tom of FUTURAMA; CANDYMAN director Bernard Rose; Billy Bob Thornton of TOMBSTONE and BANDITS; Richard Belzer of HOMICIDE LIFE ON THE STREET; artist and actor Don S. Davis of TWIN PEAKS and STARGATE SG-1; voice actor Martin Jarvis; Scorcese regular Frank Vincent; Anita Page of WITCHCRAFT XI, THE CRAWLING BRAIN and FRANKENSTEIN RISING; poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and actor Donald “Ogre” Gibb.

May the fourth be with you!

*“NATALIES” is a combined short form of the words NATAL (refers to birth) and ANNIVERSARIES… In other words, Birthdays. For the last year or so I’ve been posting these on my FACEBOOK page. I’ve been needing to start blogging more regularly, so this kills two girls with one cup… or something like that.

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