NATALIES: Natal Anniversaries for August 1, 2012

NATALIES!* Today is August 1, The Day of Original Style, Homemade Pie Day, Play Ball Day, Respect for Parents Day, Sing-a-Round Day, Abolition of Slavery Day (Jamaica), Admission Day (Colorado), American Family Day (Arizona), Benin Independence Day, Cheyenne Frontier Day, Colorado Statehood Day (1876), Confederation Day (Switzerland), Cross-Quarter Day, Dahomey Independence Day, Document Delivery Day, Emancipation Day (Trinidad and Tobago), Fairies’ Imps Charity Scramble Holiday, Feast of Bread, Fiesta Day (Nicaragua), Friendship Day, Girlfriend’s Day, Guam Constitution Day, Gule of August (Wales), Homowo – Hooting at Hunger Holiday (Ghana), International Friendship Day, Lady Day Eve, Lammas (Scotland), Lanmac Tide – Beginning of Harvest Season, Laughter Day (Southern California), Lughnasadh Holiday (Wiccan), and Lugnasadh – Lammas Day Celtic Festival, National Night Out, Non-Parent Day, Picnic Day (Australia), Pod Body Day (Maine), Sister’s Day, Sports Day, Wattle Day (Australia), Women Astronomers Day, St. Peter ad Vincula Feast Day, The Seven Machabees Martyrdom Day, Armed Forces Day (Angola), Emancipation Day (Barbados, and Jamaica), Mini Fetes (French Polynesia), and the Feast day of St. Alphonsus Marie Liguori.

This day in Geek History! August 1, 1962 was the street date of Issue 15 of the Marvel Comic Book Amazing Fantasy, which featured the VERY FIRST APPEARANCE of SPIDER-MAN, created by artist Steve Ditko and writer Stan Lee!

And on 12:01 a.m. on August 1, 1981, Music Television (MTV) went on the air for the first time with the song “Video Killed The Radio Star”by The Buggles.

My wife, Michelle. Illustration by M. Mrakota Orsman

My wife, Michelle. Illustration by M. Mrakota Orsman

Today’s The Birthday of my beloved wife (and still Significant Techie) of almost 20 years, my Michelle, aka “The Amazing RealityChick”. To this day I’ve not found a tougher chick, or a brighter smile than hers. I really do believe that between us we will take over the world.

Other featured Natal Anniversaries include Railrack Operator Noah Booth, Theology student Beckie Jenek, Cinematographer Carlos Octavio Rubio; and old Derby High School pal Kasy Quinn.

They share their special day with Jack O’Connell of SKINS; voice actress Rumi Hiiragi of SPIRITED AWAY; Jason Momoa of CONAN THE BARBARIAN, STARGATE: ATLANTIS and GAME OF THRONES; Tanya Reid of STARGATE SG-1; David Wain, director of WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER; filmmaker Sam Mendes of AMERICAN BEAUTY, ROAD TO PERDITION, and the new James Bond film SKYFALL; John Carroll Lynch of FARGO and CARNIVALE; Demián Bichir of MACHETE KILLS; author and punk musician Jim Carroll; Avi Arad of Marvel Comics; Carolco cofounder and movie producer Andrew G. Vajna; Giancarlo Giannini of BLACK BELLY OF THE TARANTULA, HANNIBAL, CASINO ROYALE and QUANTUM OF SOLICE; Voice Actor (and MTW alumni) Jesse Corti of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST; comedian and actor Dom DeLuise of BLAZING SADDLES, CANNONBALL RUN, and FATSO; OLIVER composer Lionel Bart; Disney voice actor Val Bettin; filmmaker J. Lee Thompson of both CONQUEST OF… and BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES; comic actor Henry Jones of WILL SUCCESS SPOIL ROCK HUNTER?; MOBY DICK Author Herman Melville; and “Star Spangled Banner” lyricist Francis Scott Key.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to August.

*“NATALIES” is a combined short form of the words NATAL (refers to birth) and ANNIVERSARIES… In other words, Birthdays. For the last year or so I’ve been posting these on my FACEBOOK page. I’ve been needing to start blogging more regularly, so this kills two ball point pens with one spool of dental floss… or something like that.

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