“Matt Orsman is an intuitive designer that always knows what I’m looking for. Not being ‘artistic’ myself, I sometimes find it difficult to explain exactly what I want. Matt always understands the project at hand with the most minute description. As an art designer he ‘gets it’. Additionally, I’ve worked with many others over the years and Matt is the most pleasant of all. The project is always about the client with Matt and never about his own artistic desires. He works hard and sees the project through to the end. He’s a valuable part of our operation and I honestly don’t think it could be done without the style, class and professionalism that he brings to each project.”

—Loyd Cryer,
Founder and Director,
Texas Frightmare Weekend

“Matt, it’s been a real pleasure looking at the varied scope and artful versatility you command. The ease at which you are able to capture a likeness is extremely impressive. Although you have a style completely your own, I respect that with each project, you deliver what is needed, you do it with skill and do not become heavy handed with your approach. You are able to provide what the art requires and not let the familiar paces of your style control your direction. It serves to prove, beyond the obvious visual evidence of talent that your work displays, what a real depth of ability you possess. Excellent work.”

—Terry Callen,
Screaming Brain Studios

“I’ve seen the artwork. I’ve talked with the Man, and he’s really great at what he does. He’s one that gets a DocMurdock™ APPROVED stamp on what he delivers. If you know anyone who needs something designed, created, he’s AMAZING, fun, and you’ll get so much more from working with Matt Orsman.”

—Michael “Doc” Murdock,
Internet Business Consulting – DocMurdock

“We have been working with Matt for more than two years. Although our relationship is professional, he makes us feel more like friends. It’s been quite a ride. He’s got a lot of fun ideas and is always up for a challenge. Matt is a good listener, flexible and he’s a wealth of good ideas. He has a brilliant mind and his designs are fabulous. What can we say? To us, he’s the best.”

—Dean and Kim Bunting,
Bunting Innovations Group

“I have had the privilege of working with Matt Orsman over the past year and have been highly impressed. He took on the job of handling all of the graphics for Quantum Expositions. He listens, is professional in his work and delivers in a timely manner. I highly recommend Matt to anyone looking for a professional graphic designer.”

—Bob Loudermilk,
Founder and President, Quantum Expositions International, Inc.

“Matthew Orsman is a thoughtful, welcoming host, a wonderful communicator and a generous moderator.  He is also a quick, professional and talented web designer, who really took the time to work with our individual and plentiful requests.  Furthermore, Matt is a wonderful, funny, lighthearted colleague, father and friend, true to his word and an asset to any team.

“From the moment my dance company arrived to work with Matt, we were impressed by his thoughtful pre-planning.  Matt and his colleague, Wade, picked us up from the airport, provided us with perfect lodgings and welcomed us with refreshments.  Matt and his staff were outstandingly supportive throughout the weekend.  Each day, Matt was personally on-call to help us get our bearings, as we were all from out of state.  Matt tended to our requests with a smile and a fantastic attitude, all while handling the intense daily organization required to direct an event with over a dozen guest artists & performers.  Everyone who worked with him greeted him with a grin and a hearty handshake, and was obviously pleased to work with Matthew Orsman again.

“As our web designer, Matthew Orsman was clear with his process, succinct with his deadlines, and created a gorgeous, fun and snappy logo that everyone loves. He’s helpful with proofreading, patient with communication, and happy to invent suggestions and take the lead when decisions become overwhelming.  Matt went above and beyond in helping us get the professional, exciting look that we were hoping for.  We are all extremely pleased with the website he created for us!

“Matt was positive, polite, helpful, and keeps everyone laughing and working together in high-stress situations.  Working with Matthew Orsman was a great pleasure, and I would be more than happy to do so again in the future!”

—Amber Steele M.F.A.
Director & Choreographer, Living Dead Girlz
Adjunct Faculty – Dance & Physical Education
California Community Colleges

“Matt has been instrumental in the development of all Three Monkey Game products. He has a way of taking the vision in your head and producing it in a variety of mediums that surpasses any artist I have ever worked with. Thanks to Matt’s keen eye and skill we have made the HOMEVESTING™ game a reality. Matt is a hard-working creative soul that we couldn’t do without.”

—W. Wesley Smith
CEO, Three Monkey Games
Creative Partner, Gamevesting, LLC

“One of the most important parts of any business is image. Your logo or other graphic design may be the first thing potential customers see that tells them you exist. The old adage about judging a book by its cover means very little most of the time in these scenarios. If your images are weak, your business looks weak. As Director of Marketing for Viscera Film Festivals, as well as CEO of The Chainsaw Mafia, it’s my job to make sure that our images not only project what we stand for, but they do so in a respectful, professional, and attractive manor. The artwork of Matt Orsman helps Viscera and TCM achieve those goals. I know that if I need something to represent anything I do, I can count on Mr. Orsman to produce something I will be proud to have attached to my name.”

—Jamie D. Jenkins
CEO, The Chainsaw Mafia
Director of Marketing, Viscera, Org.

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