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Wanna have some fun? Here’s a link that’s all about the fun! Go Play MONKEY POKER! one of the new games from THREE MONKEY GAMES. And if the artwork on the packaging looks familiar, it should… It’s mine!, a relaxed and friendly environment to discuss horror movies, games, books and more. It’s run for horror fans by horror fans. And Matt did the logo!

Dianne Cooper makes me wish I could sculpt. Especially after going to see the sculptures of her and her team at her studio in Denver! She’s an amazing talent, and a helluva girl, too. Check out their works!

The Chainsaw Mafia is a horror production company which specializes in film and splatter theater, as well as a completely free networking tool for horror filmmakers everywhere. TCM, promotes independent filmmakers through its internet-based networking, discounted equipment rental, live performance, and annual film festivals with monetary awards.

Veronica Vinyl is not for the faint of heart. Nor would she like it any other way. Billed as "Art of the Extreme," she is an illustrator with a fetish… for fetish. Not for the under 18 crowd!

Critical Mess is a planned Pop Culture community. That sounds like a retirement home for boy bands, but is actually a place where you can talk about Comics, figures, movies, TV, music and more. It’s also become a mecca for action figure customizing.

  • is something completely new and cool. Film Directors like John Landis, Edgar Wright, Mary Lambert and Joe Dante give you the play by play on classic film trailers as they happen. WAY freaking cool.
  • More soon!

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