About Mirthquake

Matt has been working as a professional cartoonist and designer since 1986. His illustrations have been seen featured on such esteemed international websites as Ain’t It Cool News, Nik Holmes’ Zombie Dollar$ site, Canada’s Movies Online, and the "Weird" Al Yankovic website. His editorial cartoons, caricatures and illustrations have been featured in the Wichita Eagle, Daily Reporter, The WSU Sunflower and the National Inquisitor.

He is also the producing director of CathARTic Art and Film Events, LLC., a philanthropical organization dedicated to facilitating the development of new venues in the arts and film industry; through Experiential Learning, Hands-on Mentoring, and International Access and Deployment of Emerging Talent, while contributing to local and national charities.

In short, he puts on workshops, screenings, forums and art shows based on Film genres such as Horror Films, Westerns, Film Noir and more.

His graphic design has also contributed the successful completion of three major motion pictures; Transformers, Iron Man, and Get Smart. His work was actually seen ON SCREEN in all three films, and in the case of Get Smart, graced the Key Art too!

So if you are Matt, who’s Mirthquake?

Much like the name of Frankenstein has been often been confused as being the creature’s name, rather than the creator’s, Mirthquake is the name of Matt’s comic strip, and the name of his company Mirthquake Productions.

However, the name has become synonymous with Matt himself, as he uses it as his online handle on such online boards as MySpace, Comic Bloc, DC Online, Horror Movies.ca, the Chainsaw Mafia, and of course the Domain of Online Social Hooligans, (a.k.a the D*O*O*S*H).

So yes, he answers to "Mirth" too.

Then what the heck is a Mrakota?

OK, Mrakota was the family name when Matt’s Grandfather and Great-Grandfather emigrated from the Bohemian section of Czechlosavakia. So, yes, he is truly Bohemian (by blood)!

His grandfather was adopted by the Orsmans here in the new world, but was allowed to keep the family name which has been passed on through the generations, father to son, ever since.

According to Paul Goldschmidt’s Dictionary of Period Russian Names, Mrakota is a masculine name meaning "Dark". However, a good friend of Matt’s who is employed as a Russian Translator says that the word is more accurately translated as "Murky" or "80% Chance of Thunderstorms."

Either way you slice it, that’s how Matt signs his artwork.

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