Texas Frightmare Aftermath (Part Drei)

“I now realize that it was a three day con… so this should be a three part post. Next time, meeting icons, contact from Krypton, and imaginary fruity drinks!” — Me, six months ago.

My how time flies when you get busy with work and start living for the NEXT Frightmare!

OK, I promised I’d get back to this… and now it’s faded within the fog of a diet-addled memory. Please note that these are not in any particular order, but just as I remember them.
I Took a picture of my friend Matt Ray with Keith Gordon of CHRISTINE fame, putting me in an elite company that includes John Carpenter and Brian DePalma that has directed Mr. Gordon. Keith and I also talked about A MIDNIGHT CLEAR, one of his first directorial efforts. NICE GUY. Had I realized he had directed THE SINGING DETECTIVE, he would have hard pressed to shake me away from the table. REALLY enjoyed that one. Alexandra Paul is just as pretty as she’s ever been. Alas, I should have brought my DRAGNET poster for her to sign.

Finally saw DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW. I knew nothing going into this but Fright-Rags thought it was cool enough to make a shirt about. I was treated to a pristine copy of a clever, surprisingly violent complex 1981 TV movie with Charles Durning, Larry Drake (in the role that must have gotten him his L.A. Law gig), and one of my all time favorite character actors, The late Lane Smith. Phenomenal flick, and now that I’ve waited this long, I can actually link to the DVD on Amazon. Buy it today.

On my way out of the con, I ran into Julian Sands. Other than goofing my friend Leslie who would literally go into palpitations every time he got near, I hadn’t had a chance to talk to him. We chatted a bit about WARLOCK and ARACHNOPHOBIA, but the conversation soon turned to SMALLVILLE. It was bound to. He was wearing his Jor-El shirt.

Well, my friend Darren is a HUGE Superman fan. So I somehow convinced Julian into calling him.

“Hello Darren? This is Julian Sands. Jor-El from Smallville. Your friend Matt is here, and I’m calling to tell you that he’s too cheap to buy you an autograph. Take care now.”

Hey, Casher and I were literally out the door when this happened, and I was all but out of money. If Loyd and crew bring him back next year, Julian’s is the first booth I’m going to. Class act.

OK, the imaginary fruity drinks. Terry Alexander, Jarlath Conroy and John Amplas were there representing 1985’s DAY OF THE DEAD. Terry and Jarlath, in the film, had set up a faux tropical paradise in the underground bunker they were in, so I made it a priority to get big tropical fruity drinks and get a picture with them raising their glasses in a toast. One problem… the Hotel had nothing that even remotely looked “tropical”. So I ended up with little cheap plastic tumblers, and will photoshop in the fruity drinks later. Was a bit disappointed, but when life hands you lemons, make Lynchburg Lemonade.

There is so much more I can tell you about… the never-ending screaming Hollywood auction in the lobby that no one could hear over comes immediately to mind, but some things are better lived than told.

So go buy your tickets for next year’s FRIGHTMARE. Just save me a couple of VIP passes. I don’t wanna miss THAT party again!