Taking a “Stand” (& Stupid Branding Tricks)

I met a ginger-haired lady from the Dallas area at the used bookstore this past weekend. She is the librarian for our local Air Force Base, and she was picking up books for the AFB library, as they have no funding from the base itself. Everything they get is through donations, or the librarians buy them themselves.

That could be the story in itself, but it’s not. She used to live in Maine years ago, and would attend open houses at Stephen King’s house. She had met King’s wife Tabitha on many occasions, and her prized possession was a personally autographed copy of The Stand. Or at least it was her prized possession, until it was stolen right off her bookshelf by a close family member… and sold for drugs.

So, for a woman I don’t even know… didn’t even catch her name… I’m going to see if there is any way that I can get that book back for her. Chances are it won’t be the same copy, obviously, but it just seems wrong to me that someone who puts as much of her own time and money into making sure there are books for our heroes in the Military to read, and not have an autographed copy of her favorite book herself.

And if I can wrangle donations for the AFB library in the meantime, bonus!

Any interest?

DIsturbing branding trends of the week

I just found out this week that Pizza Hut, having expanded their menu well beyond the scope of PIzza, will now be known as The Hut.

Also, noting the declining sales of actual radios, and the strong influx of wIreless technology they are selling, Radio Shack will now be known as The Shack.

What next, I ask?

Will Village Inn be known as simply “The Inn?”

Will Pottery Barn become “The Barn?”

Will Waffle House and IHOP go to war over the right to be “The House?”

I mean heaven forfend you should tell people what you sell in your name, right?

Oh, well. It could be worse. They could just rebrand for the internet/texting crowd.

That being said, I’m going to go back to watching Syfy with a 2-liter of Mtn Dew. OMG!