RETWEET! 10 quotes from around the web.

OK, it’s been too long since I blogged. So I’ll just let everyone else write this entry. Here are various quotes found at random on the web.

  1. They don’t know what it was like to watch “Thriller” for the first time, are so used to the Moonwalk that they have NO idea what it felt for the entire WORLD when it was premiered during Motown 25… They don’t know any of this. Half of them never heard of “The Wiz.” They don’t even remember when he was black. All of that is ancient history to them.

    They only know him as the weird hermit who looks like a monster, has a kid named Blanket that he dangled off of a balcony in Germany, used to be somebody, and fucked children. The fact that he was acquitted — an act that used to MEAN something in this country, damn it, before the Court of Public Opinion got so fucking big — means absolutely nothing to them. Many of them were happy that he died, because now the world is a safer place. —Joe Berenato

  2. i once telepathically informed a wasp that I was about to hit it with a newspaper… the wasp spoke to my mind, “I’m not the wasp you want” pesky Jedi wasps, with their mind control Must Open Fanta..aah it’s happenin again —Bill Bailey
  3. Just got a call from the Red Cross reminding me of my double-red donation tomorrow. Wish I could also donate my love, because I feel that my love is overflowing, with wonderful-ness. I am so very much in love! —William Sparks
  4. the key to a woman’s heart is waffles. —Brea Grant
  5. Hope everyone is having a fine day full of fine things that are just fine in those fine things on this fine day. If you’re having it. —Larry Blamire
  6. Hope everyone is having a fine day full of fine things that are just fine in those fine things on this fine day. If you’re having it. —Larry Blamire

  7. I love it when the circus comes to town. I automatically resort back to being a child- pushing people younger than me out of the way for a spot in line, riding roller coasters and urinating in outhouses. It brings back such a nostalgic feeling for me. It’s almost as good as sleeping on a dirty mattress in an abandoned crack trailer. Except that experience wasn’t always accompanied with pleasant feelings, so I don’t actively look for it. —Shannon Lark
  8. She googled “amazing sex beast” and came up with JackKnight. She came. She saw. I conquered. —JackKnight
  9. I’m all for off-color humor and thumbing your nose at the PC police. But I really would like it to serve the story. Michael Bay is famous for pointless asides, and this time he has a solid hour and a half of story telling, padded with absolute bullshit. —Harry Knowles
  10. Just woke from a fitful dream about writing a long, sweeping novel with a hundred and forty different characters in it. Then I got the pun. —Teller
  11. I love this. Nothing jarring. Nothing boring. Gr8 music Internet-only Radio Station Wichita, Kansas —Kathy Hadley

What? You thought I was going to let a blog go without a Wichita Breeze plug?